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Applications and Ranks Explained Empty

Applications and Ranks Explained

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Applications and Ranks Explained Empty Applications and Ranks Explained

Post by SourZ on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:06 pm

There are two ways to join Final Boss, by us recruiting you or by you applying to us.

If you are recruited by us in game, all you need to do is register on the forums and we can easily identify who you are.

The second is by applying directly on the forums because you found out about us off-site. The process for this type of applicant is to make a new topic in this forum and convince us why you belong with Final Boss (you can find the steps below to applying). Keep in mind that Final Boss is not exactly a warm and fuzzy professional guild where you must mind your manners and watch what you say. If you show you're not a little bitch, then you should fit in quite well. Also, don't apply if you're gonna just bail a month after the game launches. You're applying here because you want to play Guild Wars 2 AND be apart of a kick ass guild.

If you are still serious about applying, create a new topic with your perceived game name (Main Character) as the topic title. The actual application is really up to you from there. But remember, this is basically your introduction to us and why you should be apart of the group. You can talk to Boss members in game and possibly receive the vent info if you request it. And officer will review your application within a day or so and you will be invited into the in-game guild as a "Recruit."

Recruit status is basically an intro to the guild, or a trial if you want to look at it that way. This is how we can see whether or not you are going to be an active contributor to the guild or someone looking for a free friendslist. The more active you are, the quicker you move up to Member status. Ranks past member status are dependent on time in guild, player ability, and the size of the guild. We aren't going to have 100 Senior Members when there are only 120 people in the guild, for instance.

UPDATE: Since there are some retards out there that don't see specific requirements for joining and freak out, let me lay this shit out for ya...

If you're going to be active on the forums, aim for double digits over the course of more than one day. Just because you make a post on every fucking thread we have on our public section and guild wars 2 section on the same day you register does not make you eligible. You'll just look like every other dip shit that wants to be mass recruited like a fucktard. Now, if you make a few posts here, a few posts there, reply to some people who replied to you, that's a different story. You're on your way to proving you at least give enough shits to be apart of us.

If you want to be active through vent (because let's be honest, posting on the forums every day isn't for some people), then you should be active enough so that when you join in our vent, people recognize who you are. Some people are so attached to other groups they belonged to in past games and want to multi-guild and be in multiple vents and shit. I'll say right now, you're not welcome if you are like that. Friends have vents and you can hang out in them and shit, but your gaming time should be spent with Final Boss. If you are not spending time playing the game with the guild, then what the fuck are you applying for? Save us the time and pixels.

If you're still confused on how the fuck this works, message an officer or join vent and ask someone.

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