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Tank Necro vs DPS necro Empty

Tank Necro vs DPS necro

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Tank Necro vs DPS necro Empty Tank Necro vs DPS necro

Post by SourZ on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:27 pm

The necromancer has this unique play style that fits in well with two distinct play style I've used in the past and can see the benefits of using.

The first is that if anyone ahs ever played RIFT with me or heard me talk about it, you know all about Chlorolock. Basically, this spec allowed me to be a squishy mage who could heal and tank and also stay mobile with instant cast dots and the 10% chance to make the next cast with a build time instant cast instead. Needless to say, it was trolling at its finest, nearly perfect in any 1v1 situation. With dual daggers and the utility/heal skills that the Necromancer gets in gw2, along with customizing traits, I can once again make a tank-mage-thing that can survive damn near everything.

On the flip side, I can go straight deeps. Aoe abilities, dots, and range can be deadly and may even be more beneficial to the group for focusing targets, but is the damage output going to be worth it over the option to slowly bleed out someone while seeming near-invincible.

And everyone wondering why I haven't mentioned a pet spec, I have played the necro enough or have gotten it high enough to customize and good zoomancer spec to make a good 'ol I AM LEGION spec. Pet's don't seem worth it at this point in time, by I'll dabble in it when I can.

choices, choices, choices

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